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Services offered

Open Book

You may wish to have your document initially assessed for organization, logic, and flow. In a developmental edit, I look at the big picture and suggest where restructuring might be needed. This big-picture review considers overall content, duplication of ideas, and possible gaps in logic or content. It does not focus on grammar, spelling, punctuation, or other smaller details.


In line editing or copyediting, I will carefully look at your document line by line, fixing problems of consistency, grammar, awkward phrasing, usage, and tone. If any material seems unclear, I will ask you about it and will offer suggestions for rewording. Often included with copyediting is fact-checking. Depending on the level of editing requested, I can verify all names, dates, places, and other details presented in the document. Incorrect facts will be queried.

Analyzing the data

For graphs, tables, flow charts, and the like, a review by an experienced technical editor can be invaluable. No matter how well written the text is, images often make the strongest—and sometimes the only—impression on your readers. I carefully read all the graphics in a document, checking for spelling, consistency, and appropriate format. Using my technical background, I ensure that the graphics are logical and mathematically accurate and correspond factually with the text. I suggest ways to streamline tables for better readability and simplify figures for clarity.

Checking Text on a Document

Once you have a final product that is typeset or designed, a proofreader ensures that the document has no layout or other mechanical problems. I also make sure that every correction in the manuscript was carried to the final book or document. Mistakes overlooked at an earlier stage often pop out once the material has been typeset. As a proofreader, I can help you catch these errors and make sure that the final product looks polished and professional.

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